Can’t “save” everyone

You can want the world for someone but it won’t matter if they don’t want the same for themselves. So many times we offer advice and encouragement to people based on what we think will better their situation. Unfortunately some people only learn the hard way. Sometimes we try to save someone from experiencing what we’ve experienced, or someone we know has experienced. “Don’t save em’, they don’t wanna be saved”

Most disappointment comes from expecting something for or from someone that they can’t see themselves doing. This post isn’t meant to be a Debbie downer, more of a reality check. Sometimes people have to go through something in order to grow through it. We need to respect that. Everyone has their own path and sometimes that means they’re not going to the “conventional” way.

Sometimes I find myself getting so frustrated with this. But…that’s when you have to ask yourself “did I do all I could do?” I’m not here to tell anyone what to do or how to do it. I’m just here to offer help and advice when it’s asked for.


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