I slacked…again

I haven’t blogged in a few days ( I know, I know 🤦🏽‍♀️). I feel like I’ve been all over the place mentally lately. It’s 3:51, I should be asleep but clearly my mind had other plans.   I figured I might as well get these thoughts off…

1. Jay-Z album dropped and I like it 👌🏾. I didn’t really have expectations for it which was good because I hate to expect something and then be let down lol. He dropped a lot of gems on there and I hope ppl take note. The one thing that’s been annoying since his album release is that ppl  are trying to normalize infidelity 🙄. “Hov cheated and Beyoncé didn’t leave” (once again…🙄). The responses kill me too “y’all don’t have Hov money”. Stop making it seem like cheating is okay and everyone should do it…it’s not. Stop making it seem like it’s more acceptable to cheat if you have a certain amount of money. It isn’t. Ppl cheat for different reason but stop thinking that someone has to stay because you cheated 🤦🏽‍♀️.

2. I wish that there could be some kind of movement where more ppl focused on building up their communities. Why can’t that be a sign that we “made it” ?

3. Communication is really key but for some reason it’s often overlooked or the hardest thing for some of us to do.

4. The internet/media will have you gassed. “Why spend your day working on someone else’s dream when you can work on yours”. Have a bad day at work and seeing shit like that will have you drafting your resignation letter 😂. Don’t quit your main source of income to start or build your dream. Simply put…you’re probably going to need money to fund your dream/project. I’m still torn between peace of mind and income. What do y’all feel about quitting a job before you find a new one? We all know the obvious reasons why you shouldn’t, but is there an exception to those?

5. Money doesn’t buy happiness but it buys me things/experiences that can lead to happiness 😂 #morehunnits

6. Sometimes we outgrow things, situations and people. We fight it. It’s not easy to move on from those things that once made you happy.

7. I know when I start to care less about things (not related to #6)…my effort decreases.

8. Vacation can’t come fast enough…25 more days 😩.

9. This blog post is a representation of my overcrowded mind on most days lol.

10. I should be sleeping because I have something important to do in a few hours…but here I am. 


2 thoughts on “I slacked…again

  1. rambleshmamble says:

    Great post! Regarding number four I think it depends on the person. If you’re very confident in your abilities and have a mentality that you will follow your dreams no matter what and be okay even if things go astray, then quitting your job before finding a new one won’t make any difference to you. But I think that also speaks to your planning and organization. Saving. Stashing. You wouldn’t want to just walk out the double doors for the last time having literally zero dollars in your account.

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