I feel strongly about judging someone based on their age. I think usually it’s looked at as something that effects elderly people. I think we also need to focus on how ageism effects young adults. For instance, jobs, whether they admit it or not might not hire someone based on how young a person is compared to the other employees. I could be 23 (I’m not) and be more competent at my job than the next person who is 35 and just changed their career.

I also feel like people in positions of power think that they can take advantage of a younger worker because they feel like you may not be as knowledgeable on your rights and your position.  I feel like a lot of jobs think they can get the younger employee to do the most because we are eager to prove ourselves.

How do we combat that? Be competent at what you do, no one can take that from you. Let your work speak for itself. Research and find out information on policies and work related things that you are not knowledgeable about.


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