If it don’t apply…let it fly

So it’s day 5 of my 30 day writing challenge. The prompt for today is to write about some place I want to live but have never visited. There no where that I want to live that I haven’t already visited 💁🏾.

Some places like Georgia appeal to me but then the whole “it’s hot as f$&!” makes me second guess that. I do know I definitely want to leave NY…sooner rather than later. One state high on my list is Maryland (comment or send me a message/tips on what it’s like to live there).

Don’t get me wrong I’m a New Yorker but I’m also a tired New Yorker. Cost of living, trash mass transit, traffic etc. There are so many different reasons to just live somewhere else. We’ll see how everything plays out. Until then I’m just trying to put myself in good positions until I’m where I want to be. Feel me? 


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