Love & Kisses

Day 3 wants me to put my business out in these streets lol. Day 3’s topic is “your first love and first kiss”.

My first love was different from anything I had ever experienced before as cliché as that sounds. I learned how to love from my first love. I am naturally a reserved person, with my first love I learned to be vulnerable. I have a lot of good memories from that period in my life. Everything in life is a learning experience. We grow, we make mistakes, we hurt, we cry & we laugh. Loving someone makes you feel like you’re not in control sometimes (and for someone like me, control feels necessary). Love comes with its ups and downs. Sometimes things don’t go as you planned, and it hurts but you learn to get better. I could never feel bitter towards anyone or thing I’ve ever loved. If I ever said “I love you” to someone, I meant it…otherwise I just would have never said it.

Now my first kiss lol. My first kiss seems like ages ago. It was with this guy I was dating at the time…puppy love kinda things. He was handsome, intelligent, funny and creative and a great kisser. I remember replaying the kiss in my head over and over that day because that’s what little girls do lol. Good times. He was a great kisser, we dated for some time and it was cool *shrugs*.


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