Day 2

Earliest Memory:

Let me start by saying my memory ain’t shit. That’s the honest truth. I can barely remember what I had for breakfast yesterday. This might not be my earliest memory but it sticks out to me because I was just talking about it the other day.

Every summer my mom used to pay for this summer camp. The Director (I won’t put her name) would come and pick us up from our homes and we would do so many different things. One day the movies. Another day the pool. Another day the amusement park. I think we often forget the joys of being a kid and enjoying childhood. Kids find amusement in the simplest of things but to them it’s everything. Isn’t it funny how as an adult we have to find multiple ways and/or things to keep us entertained?

The director of the program always made sure we had fun but also kept us in check. She definitely popped a few kids every now and then (nothing crazy). Point is she made sure we had respect and were not outside acting like we did not have any home training. I sometimes feel like people like her are few and far in between in this society. You might go tell little John (haha) to stop acting up, and instead of his mom appreciating you making sure he’s behaving, she’s telling you to mind your business.

You know that saying “it takes a village to raise a child”? Is having a village a thing of the past? I know growing up and still to this day, I have multiple people in my “village” that I could call on if i needed to. Growing up that was helpful. Sometimes you need wisdom or advice from someone that’s not your parent but still knows some things about life experiences.


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