Day 1

Five Problems With Social Media:

  1. Oversharing – We the audience/viewers/listeners etc, do not need to know every aspect of your life. Some things are and should be sacred. We are definitely in the age of blogging and vlogging, so yes we do tend to share things about our personal lives. I still think that some things should remain personal. The more information you give people, the more they think they know you, and the more they think they can judge you. They shouldn’t but they do.
  2. Less social beings- Social media lets us feel like we are being social without having to physically be present. The art of conversation and quality is lost amongst some people because we communicate by “likes” and memes. I’m guilty of this…there’s no need for me to call you when I can text or email you right? Social media lets us feel present for events even when we are not because we have features like Instagram and Facebook live and snapchat.
  3. Less action- Social media gives us a space to vent and be angry about things going on with us and in the world. Problem is we vent and then go back to our every day lives. Where’s the revolution?
  4. Accessibility– Ties in with Oversharing. The more you’re on social media, the more accessible you become. The days of reading a text message and responding later are gone lol. Now if someone text you and you don’t respond but they see you on another social media platform, they feel a way or feel ignored. Maybe some of you don’t feel this way (you ain’t shit lol) but I feel like now I can’t snapchat my meal because I didn’t respond to a text that I received 10 mins ago. Don’t get me started with read receipts…Everyone wants that instant response and instant gratification. I’m not saying take 2 years to respond but I can read your message and do something else before I respond (Sheesh).
  5. Facades- Are you actually having fun or are you just putting it on snapchat to look like you’re having fun? Sometimes we are so concerned with posting and updating that we forget to actually be present in the moment.

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