Chase experiences and memories…

Not money or material things. 

Of course we all know this in theory but sometimes it good to be reminded. Ironically I was reminded by my bartender yesterday at happy hour. 

She said her grandfather told her before he passed away. He had all the things he could ask for and was retired after working hard all of his life. What he told her was, I have all these things but I wish I had spent more time doing things I wanted to do. He encouraged her to live her life doing things that made her happy. 

So as I downed my drink(s), I thought about what she was saying. I don’t ever want to get up there in life and feel like I didn’t do things that I wanted to do because I was working so hard at being financial stable. 

Yes, having money is essential but I don’t want to miss out on the things that make me happy because my one mission is “securing the bag”.  Honestly, I want to do both lol. 

My bartender said “the most important things aren’t things.” She’s right. What’s most important when you look back is not how much money you had at the time or the material items that you had. When you look back you think about the memories, how you felt and who you were with. 

So many of us are guilty of just going through the motions at times (me included).  I want to look back at my life and be like “damn, I had fun”. What about you?


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