Vision Boards? Speaking it into existence? Things of that nature. 

So we spend our whole lives planning right? Some of us plan everything down to the smallest detail. I remember in high school (SJP!) they used to tell us “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. X amount of years later and I still remember hearing that (I say X amount because I’m aging and time flies). Needless to say I guess that stuck with me. Basically that told me that in order to be successful I always needed to plan or stick to the plan. 

Of course reality kicks in and if you’re in the “adulting” stage in your life, you’ve learned or are learning that things rarely go as planned. That being said, I think what planning really does is keep your anxiety about something to the minimum. We tend to feel better when we can map out how something is going to go. Then life comes and says that was cute, now go that way. We do this with just about everything. We have a blueprint of how we want our lives to be and when we deviate from it, even a little bit, we feel a little less successful. 

So that’s one of my dilemmas with vision boards and speaking things into existence. It isn’t so much that I care about letting others down (been there done that), more so that I’m going to be a little disappointed. 

My other dilemma is that I feel that sometimes it’s better to just do things instead of speaking on them. I don’t know if I think it’s bad luck or whatever but whenever something good is about to happen or I’m about to make a move, I feel like I shouldn’t talk about it until it actually comes to fruition. Am I crazy? The upside to speaking about things you want to do or are doing is that you’re going to have people holding you accountable. Perfect example…me and my ongoing struggle with the gym. Because I opened my mouth and said I want to go to the gym consistently, I have people that ask me “when’s the last time you went to the gym” often. Hate it but love it at the same time….and I’m going to go real soon to answer anyone’s question. 

So I say all of this to say…I’m going to choose a middle ground. I’m going to list below 5 of my goals (this is not an invite to remind me/even though I need it lol). 

1. Become an author

2. Go to the gym…consistently 😩

3. Own a business

4. Take the LMSW exam

5. Stop and smell the roses (figuratively because allergies are no joke)

Send me some encouragement. Tell me some of your goals (in the comment section 😁 preferably or in my inbox if you’re shy). What’s your take on vision boards? Speaking things into existence? If you’ve created a vision board or some kinda goal list how is it working for you? 


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