Tap Out

So you might be thinking…”she just told us to “push through” a couple of blogs ago wtf.” If you haven’t read that one feel free to scroll down until you stumble across it 🙂. Yes I did write about pushing through and yes this blog is titled “tap out”, but let me explain *in my Kevin Hart voice*

Tapping out has a negative connotation. “Oh you tapped out, you’re weak.” Or “Tapping out means you quit.” It’s never really looked at as meaning “I’ve had enough.”

We are forced to make choices in life daily, so it makes sense that we would want to make choices that would benefit us in the long run. Right? Problem is we are programmed to “focus on the bigger picture.” Which yes, is important to a certain degree…but you cannot neglect the journey while focusing on the destination. Did I lose you?

We are pretty much told that in order to have happiness or anything valuable we have to endure suffering. Why though? I do think that anything worth having takes a lot of hard work, and sometimes that can take a toll on us but suffering?

Sometimes enough is enough. We can’t always be super man or super woman. It’s okay to have help, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, it’s okay to delegate task to other people, and it’s okay to set limits on what you are willing to do. 

Work smarter. That includes putting yourself first at times. We have to know and understand that in order to be an assets to others we first have to take care of ourselves. 

I don’t know about y’all but I don’t want to half ass things. So in order for me to do my best work (in whatever area), I have to be in a good space with myself. That means when I’m not feeling up to it or not feeling like myself I need to “tap out”, take time to relax and refocus. Think about how you work when you’re stressed out and running on two hours of sleep versus being in a great mood after sleeping for 10 hours (if you get this much sleep put me on to your secret).

When you feel good you float through the day. Things that might take you all day to complete when your stressed, tired etc, only took you a few hours. Things that would piss you off or send you over the edge when you’re already upset, you might just brush off because you feel good. 

Sometimes it’s okay to say no, I can’t, not today, I don’t want to do that, etc. Do note that this is something I’m working on too. Work in progress 🙋🏾. 

Tapping out is necessary for your sanity and just your overall well being. How efficient are you when you spread yourself thin or have a hand in several different things at once? I’m sure you find that the less things that you have going on at once, the easier it is to focus and the better you feel about getting them done. 

Tell me if I’m wrong though. 

Tapping out means you’re self aware. You know your limits. You know your triggers. You know when enough is enough for you. Stop staying in toxic situations because you’re promised this big reward. We have to either change our situation to where it’s more manageable or how we think about and react to it. 


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