Let me start by saying I’m not a relationship expert. Furthermore I’m still trying to figure it out myself 🤔😂.  I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on relationships and some things I’ve learned and I am still learning 🙄. 

1. Communication. Sigh.  To me it seems like we have more ways to communicate but that doesn’t make us communicate more efficiently. Communication is very important, we all know this in theory 🙄. It’s not always easy though. The most difficult part is that everyone communicates differently. Sometimes we expect more of people than what they are capable of in the moment. Sometimes we are more fixated on being heard rather than listening.  For me personally it’s important that I get my point across/ I feel understood. Lack of communication leads to miscommunication and for the other person to make their own assumptions. It also causes issues to build up inside because they weren’t addressed. 

2. Time.  Relationships both romantic and platonic take a lot of time and effort. People enter these relationships with the expectation that they are going to consume a considerable amount of your time. That’s fair right? I think the important part is making sure that you have your own time. Love spending time with your partner or your friends but love spending time with yourself, working on things you love or just working on yourself.  Thank me later…

3. Courting. Do people do this anymore? Let me know. I think it’s so important to date. Isn’t that how you get to know someone? We as people are always changing so it would make sense to keep dating (your partner 😂). Keep doing the things you did to get the person. 87 years later, I still want to feel our connection. 

4. Agree to disagree. This shit is hard. Honestly. We are almost programmed to prove ourselves, our points and simply to want to be right all the time. Shit when I’m right give me my props too. I’m just saying 💁🏾. Realistically we are not always going to agree with others, that’s what makes us different. We have different views, ideas, morals, likes and dislikes. Nobody should want to be around a “yes man”. Tell me when I’m wrong but come from a good place. If you’re sole goal in correcting someone is to put them down, you’re doing it wrong. We are all entitled to our views and opinions but remember opinions are just that your opinion. Saying it adamantly does not make it fact. Also, think about it…our views on things are shaped by our experiences. We are the way we are because of the things we went through, therefore it’s only natural to disagree. We don’t have the exact same experiences. 

What are some things you all struggle with in relationships whether platonic or romantic? Comment 😬


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