Push through

“If you’re not actively pursuing your dreams, you’re passively enabling your limitations.”

So I’ve been slacking. Haven’t made the time to blog, workout, or do some of the things that make me feel fulfilled or happy. One of the ongoing struggles in my life is finding a balance between the things I have to do and the things I want to do. 
We get so caught up in the “9-5” or the job that’s not really a 9-5 that we forget to live. These past few week at work have been trash. I’ve been so consumed with the nonsense that I had a dream (nightmare) about one of my cases. That made me realize I needed to take a step back. But I didn’t listen initially and that led to me feeling burnt out. 

Don’t get me wrong, every day won’t be a great day at the office but every day shouldn’t be a shit show. I work hard but I owe it to myself to live. Life is too short to look back and wish I had done all the things I wanted to do but never took the time to. 

I know what I want and the changes I want to make. The challenging part is the follow through. 

With that being said… I met up with two of my friends today and worked on something creative. Stay Tuned.  It was just a few hours on a Sunday (it’s now Monday) vibing. It made all the difference though. I guess it’s important to be around people that inspire you/make you want to get up and do something. Shoutout to having friends and just supportive people in your life. No one that supports you should be scared of how successful you could be. Support your friends talents/hustle/grind. 

It can be hard staying motivated or inspired when it seems like certain things in your life are designed solely to suck the joy or inspiration out of your life. Or that to get to where you want to be there is 7383936 things in the way. Push through. 

I speak on this because I’m still trying to push through. I’m guilty of being a victim of circumstance, or feeling like I’m too tired to do anything else because I was at work all day. I’m working on it though. So my daily reminder for this week will be push through. 


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