Stay Awhile

Speak to my soul rather than my ego

In a world full of easy come…easy go,

Stay awhile 

Tell me about your long days, so we can make better nights

Stay awhile

Untie your shoes, take off your socks

Let your feet touch the floor, so I can feel grounded

Stay awhile

Your coat which protected you from outside interference, is not needed here

Unzip it, making my path to your body clear

Stay awhile

As you fight to remove your sleeves off your wrist

I fight to keep my heart from jumping out of my chest

I did not plan for this… still

Stay awhile

You pull your hat off over your head, tussling  your curl pattern

Images in my head of us rolling around the bed…tussling your curl patterns

Touch me deep, we reach the peak, instinct says flight or fight, you say

Stay awhile


You hold me so close its suffocating

Suffocating my fears and insecurities

Just when I tried to leave, you hold me closer, I feel security…

Stay awhile

You question where I’m going

Ready to pull back even though I promised I wouldn’t do that…

I was scared to get too close…what happened is what I feared the most

I let you in, we get attached, you try to leave, I get you back, I try to leave, you pull me back…

We do this dance, game of cat and mouse, hunter and prey

I pray

That we tire of this back and forth and

Stay awhile

Relax in our insecurities

Allowing each other to know our true beings

Believe in feelings that can’t be described but are worth seeing

Show me your insecurities and I’ll provide you with security

Show me your fears and I’ll make you question if they were ever really there

Show me your ambition and I’ll encourage you until you reach your full potential

Show me where you want to be and I’ll let you

Stay awhile












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