Dear America

Can’t say we didn’t picture it this way 
Covered up scars and wound become undone
They say this is a fresh slate

Forgive and forget

We are already hurting for the kids that aren’t born yet

Working twice as hard for a piece of the same pie

“The American Dream”

Things are EXACTLY what they seem

Communities in pain as a result of gross politics 

They say the more knowledge you have the better off you’ll be

Spend X amount of years in school

Plus Y dollars of debt

Equals Z…unequal opportunity

What good is the knowledge if it can’t be applied

Memes and messages behind keyboards become coping mechanisms

All the while daily the news reports another violation of the isms…

We were meant to stand united

But we let the very things that define us, divide us

Fear of the unknown causing acts of hatred

Closed eyes, mouths and ears to your neighbors cries

There’s nothing Christian or Patriotic about 

Drowning others for your own survival

Plotting on another’s downfall with one hand on the Bible

Can’t only preach love when it’s beneficial 

Minorities work together to build a better environment for US

And if you can’t relate, educate yourself

Beyond the money, geographic location, race or religion


It’s up to us to make a better world for us and a brighter future for those after us

Start with the basics

Treat others how you want to be treated

Agree to disagree

Respect one another

You never know when the situation could be reversed

That man on tv now becomes your brother

Now you are enraged and cry out for help

Your cries fall on deaf ears

“It could be worse”

Some already live there

Waking up to the reality of living their worst nightmare

You never know what demons someone fights daily

Over time fighters get weary

Remove the rock in the hard place

Look beyond creed, color, class or religion

View the human race



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