What do you do to handle or cope with frustration?

As tough as we all try to be, frustration is something we all deal with. Sometimes I feel like we as people are not given that space to feel frustrated. We are told things like “that’s just the way things are”, “you’ll be alright”, “no use crying over spilled milk”(I wish someone would say that to me) etc etc. In turn we start saying things like “it is what it is”, “it’s whatever” or my favorite one “fuck it”. 

Sometimes it’s not okay and hearing that you’ll be alright does not provide comfort despite that person’s intent. So then what?

I’m clueless here. I mean, I do things like listen to music, write or take a walk but sometimes those things aren’t enough. A lot of times we just stay frustrated because we feel like there’s nothing we can do. 

For instance…if I’m someone who is frustrated at my job, I might just eat that frustration day after day. Why? I need an income, this income pays my bills, puts a roof over my head and food on my table. 

Wait a minute though… Aren’t people always telling us we shouldn’t settle? Something can fill you up in different ways and you can still be unsatisfied, frustrated and unhappy. 

So how do we deal? Making immediate changes isn’t always an option, for some of the same reasons I named above. So my coping mechanism for frustration? Make a plan. I think out a detailed plan on how I’m going to change my situation and that helps get me through the frustration, knowing that each day that passes makes me one day closer to changing my situation.  

Of course good relationships, laughter, recreational activities and hobbies are good ways to combat frustrations or feelings of being stuck. Like with everything else, find what works for you and do it!

I’m interested to see how others deal with frustration or feeling stuck. 👀 


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