Your team

Having a team or a group of people that support and are there for you is key. Let me clarify a little bit more…

Your circle/team/squad or whatever you choose to call it should be made up of people who always have YOUR best interest at heart. That means there’s no room for yes men/women, or people just riding along to see what they can get out of your situation. 
You’re team doesn’t need to be a large group of people, your team can be you and one other person šŸ’šŸ¾. All that matters is that that person or those people let you know when you’re wrong not just when you’re right, they let you know when you’re slacking, and they push and encourage you. The people you hold close to you should believe in you. 
If I woke up tomorrow and said ” I’m going to draw and become an artist”, the people that know me should tell me to have a seat. 
When I slacked this past week on blogging, I was pressed about it. Sometimes life gets between us and the things/people we enjoy. This year I’m working on closing that gap. Working hard on making time for the people that chose to be in my life and the things I enjoy and want in my life. 
Gather your team, work hard together but also play hard together. Cherish the people you do have on your team. 


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