I think a true friendship adjusts to the changes in life, situations, and people maturing. When you first meet someone, you probably interact over something you have in common, a laugh, or something simple. So the basis of the friendship is entertainment/ having a good time. As time passes, and you go through rough times (everyone does), your friendship now includes comfort, compassion, empathy etc etc. When you over come those hard times with a person or people, it only makes the relationship stronger. Not only are you able to laugh and just enjoy each other’s company, you were able to make it through rough times and still come up on top, laughing and smiling. And that’s what I think true friendship is, someone that’s with you at your best, but someone who also stuck by you through the worst. People you could be yourself around, you could laugh with but still have those serious real life conversations. And I’m not taking away from all the other friendships we have. Sometimes its good to know with person X, I’m guaranteed a good laugh, or with person Y, I’m going to have a good night out. Those are cool to me too, sometimes I just want to have a good time and be free. To me a true friendship withstands the test of time. If we can go through periods of time without talking/seeing each other and still pick up where we left off, that’s great. If we can go down different paths in life, (school, work, relationships, etc) and still be friends, that’s real. Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. rambleshmamble says:

    I agree with you completely! I think everyone has experienced that sort of change in some way: life gets going and you just become so busy dealing with your own situations that communication between you and your friends dies down a little. I think a good friend is someone who understands this, someone who understands that sometimes shit happens when you’re busy living your own life. Friendships where you can just pick up where you left off without all the “extra” are always good friendships to have. But at the same time I believe a GREAT friend is someone who understands that sometimes shit happens when you’re busy living you’re own life, but still takes that extra step to include you along their journey. A good morning text, a quick phone call, an email, a postcard (lol), hanging out, etc. – all good ways to let your friends know that the relationship you’ve built is still just as solid now as it was in the beginning.

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