New Beginnings

I’ve been going back and forth about what I should say on this here post… Then I came to the conclusion, that I was over-thinking (as I usually do). I can say whatever I want. Most times when we have a rush of ideas, there’s no order, pattern or flow with them. Unfortunately or fortunately for some, we can’t always just say the first thing that comes to mind. This will be different. Here I will speak my mind, express my thoughts (popular or unpopular), and hopefully you all or just you (for that one person that might accidentally stumble on this) will feel it.

So here’s to new beginnings. It’s only right that this be my first post being that it’s January 1st and all. I thought hard about creating this blog. If you know me (which you don’t :-P), you would know that I am a private person. Do I really want my thoughts on display for everyone (or some lol) to see? Finally after much thought and strong pushes from a few people I decided that I could not worry about that. So here I am.

Usually the new year is what we associate with a fresh start and when we come up with things we are going to start doing or stop doing. One thing we should all do is stay true to ourselves. Be you unapologetically. We spend so much time trying to please or keep up with people who at the end of the day don’t really matter. They go home and go about their every day life not given a fuck about the things we are stressing about. So why stress about them? Do what makes you happy, laugh, cry, start something new, do whatever it is that you want to do. In the end, all the decisions we make and the actions we take effect us the most.

From a young age we are programmed to follow this “blueprint”. Go to school, graduate, get a “good city job” and be content. What if you don’t want to go to school? What if you don’t want a city job and more importantly…What if you are not content? I have plenty of friends who graduated from school and consider themselves to be successful and I also know other people who have not gone the school route and consider themselves to be successful. Point is…successful is subjective to the person that is defining it. My successful could be a large mansion, with 2 wives, 2 husbands, and a dog (it’s not), and to you success could mean simply being happy in all the different areas in your life. Don’t let anyone define your success and your happiness, New Goal Alert (In my DJ Khaled voice).

Often times we are worried about what others think (even if we don’t admit it), or how others are living. None of that matters. Life, happiness, success and wealth are not one size fits all kinda things. Find what works for you and do exactly that.

One of my goals for 2017 (not that you asked), is to spend more time doing things that make me happy. What’s yours?


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